How to complete the form for representation on the Planning Inspectorate page...

Click HERE for the page with the Magnificent Seven Reasons  to help you complete your representation to the Planning Inspectorate - there are also some ideas on both our Facebook account, our Twitter account and here on our shiny new web site, please use these in your own words! 

Click HERE to go directly to the Planning Inspectorate case  - click the top right button “Make representation” (please be patient, the PI site takes a while to load!) - once the representations page is loaded, there is an almost blank page and you then have to click on the "Save and Continue" button to start the process!!  


You do not need to register to submit a representation although it is easier to track if you do - to register click on the link at the top right.

Once the page has loaded, it should look like the image below - so click the top right button “Make representation”

On the next page click the bottom right button “Save and Continue”

Click the button for Interested Party / Person

Complete you name / email / address details

Click the “Save and continue” button, bottom right

On the next page, select the radio button to confirm the kind of representation

Write your comments in the first box and/or add any attachments on the “drop” box below

See also the Magnificent 7 document for the reasons given by the LPA (Bromley).

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