ACV Status Awarded

June 28, 2019, 7:39 pm

We are very pleased to announce that The Chelsfield Pub has been awarded Asset of Community Value (ACV). This last five years and can be renewed if the pub is still a community pub which of course we hope it witll be. For full information on the ACV Please see this page.

This provides some protection for the pub against development, and an asset of community value (ACV) is land or property that is of importance to a local community which is subject to additional protection from development. Voluntary and community organisations can nominate an asset to be included on their local authority's register of asset of community value. Once completed, registration as an asset of community value covers four key aspects: -

  1. Removal of permitted development rights for change of use and demolition of public houses
  2. Material planning consideration: ACV status is a material consideration in a planning application and can be used by the local planning authority and Planning Inspectorate as a factor in refusing planning permission for full or partial change of use or demolition
  3. Community right to bid: the local community has six months to raise funds and submit a bid to buy an ACV for community use
  4. Compulsory purchase rights: an ACV-registered building can be compulsorily purchased by the local authority or council if it is under threat and the result would be long-term loss to the community

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