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Draft Minutes Published


Bromley Council publish the draft minutes of the Plans Sub-Committee meeting that was held on 14 February 2019

Draft Minutes regarding Save The Chelsfield
A screenshot of the minutes - SaveTheChelsfield!


Save The Chelsfield in the council chamber


Chelsfield, Green St Green & Pratts Bottom Councillors comment on FB that their fellow councilors admired the "stylish T-shirts" modeled by the Friends of STC in the council chambers

#SaveTheChelsfield in the Council Chambers

Friends of #SaveTheChelsfield viewed from the left hand side of the council chambers just before the meeting started....

Save The Chelsfield prepare for the planning meeting


Save The Chelsfield Prepare for the meeting of the plans sub-committee on 14 February


#SaveTheChelsfield (STC) getting ready to attend the planning meeting
#SaveTheChelsfield about to attend the planning meeting

Save The Chelsfield strut to Bromley Civic Centre


At 7.00 pm the Plans Sub-Committee No. 3 will meet

Bromley Council Planning officers have already refused Punch Partnerships (PML) Ltd planning permission to demolish The Chelsfield; Punch have already lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate, an independent government body that deal with planning appeals

Tonight, Plans Sub-Committee No. 3 will ratify the refusal of planning permission proposed by their planning officers and then decide if the council will contest the appeal submitted by Punch Partnerships (PML) Ltd

Apologies for the bad sound quality on the stream but we could get no closer and they were very quiet.

Even we struggled to hear sitting in the chamber.

Well done Bryan Gannon and Cllr. Angela Page for speaking on behalf of Save The Chelsfield

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